Teaching your children to PRAY

What an incredible privilege to know I can go to my Father with anything. Whether I’m worried, stressed, overwhelmed, happy, asking for forgiveness or simply needing to hear Him say ‘I love you’ and enjoy His presence – I can do that at any time through prayer. Naturally, I want that for my children too.Continue reading “Teaching your children to PRAY”

Lane Family Update

Hello from the dusty building site also known as Pleasant Places! We are still in the thick of building and renovations but the good news is, we are almost done! January started off with a bang (literally) as they knocked down the wall between our kitchen and lounge and we started with a huge renovationContinue reading “Lane Family Update”

Delicious Back to School Lunchboxes

GLAD Hamper Giveaway! GLAD is constantly looking for ways to make our lives easier, while keeping our food fresh, for longer. When it comes to children, we know that any and all tips and tricks are vital to help make a parent’s life easier – especially when it comes to school lunches. Below are someContinue reading “Delicious Back to School Lunchboxes”

Meltdowns, making memories and the secret to flying with small children…

Recently we took to the skies for a trip to Zimbabwe. Everyone was super excited, we had been planning for weeks. We were up early, got to the airport on time and I had some coffee in my system! I felt organised, prepped and ready to go!But Once at the airport, l was running behindContinue reading “Meltdowns, making memories and the secret to flying with small children…”

Mirrors, Mom-buns and 4 easy tips for Self-care

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and you don’t recognize the person staring back at you? You realize one morning, that even though you have an amazing, full life, you just somehow have lost a bit of your joy…Or you are filling in a questionnaire and it asks you to describe yourselfContinue reading “Mirrors, Mom-buns and 4 easy tips for Self-care”