Hatchimals Week of WOW: Review and The importance of Imaginative Play

Bethany and I had so much fun reviewing these toys. I’m not sure who was more EGGcited! Even though this has been on her Wishlist for the last 2 years, the timing of these toys were just right. They are aimed at children 5 and up and this was ideal for my 6 year old.Continue reading “Hatchimals Week of WOW: Review and The importance of Imaginative Play”

Oh-Lief Sunscreen Range: REVIEW

We all know and understand how crucial it is to protect our children’s skin from the intense and harmful rays. Wearing suitable clothing, hats and sunscreen is how we keep them protected, and since most damage comes from exposure during childhood it’s our responsibility to encourage the habit of applying sunscreen daily. Wearing sunscreen dailyContinue reading “Oh-Lief Sunscreen Range: REVIEW”

Lets talk: Hairloss &VEAUDRY MyStyler REVIEW

Since the birth of my last child, I have suffered with postpartum hair loss. Postpartum hair loss is no joke, and I wasn’t pulling out my hair from the chaos of dealing with 4 little kids – I promise!The average person can lose up to a 100 hairs a day, not all at once, soContinue reading “Lets talk: Hairloss &VEAUDRY MyStyler REVIEW”