The Chat… Birds, Bees and Destinies {Book Review}

Talking to our kids about sex should not just be one awkward conversation we gear ourselves up for. Rather we need to see it as an amazing opportunity to build into the lives of our kids and equip them for the future. Talking to our children about sex is not easy for many of us.Continue reading “The Chat… Birds, Bees and Destinies {Book Review}”

Own Your Everyday {Book Review}

Author: Jordan Lee Dooley. Waterbrook Publishers Does it ever seem like you still have to find your purpose or that you’re stuck with “unfigured-out dreams”? Do you feel the pressure to prove yourself or worry about what others will think? You are not the only one. From accidentally starting a small business instead of using her collegeContinue reading “Own Your Everyday {Book Review}”

Planning for 2020 Giveaway & Planner Review

I hate to admit it, but this year (can you believe it, there are ONLY 18 days left of the year!!) I was THAT mom. The one that forgot to send something for a project, we missed library day more than once and my child showed up at school wearing jeans and a t-shirt whileContinue reading “Planning for 2020 Giveaway & Planner Review”

Cultivating a love for Gardening: My Eco Sprout Growing Kits Review

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. Gertrude Jekyll To cultivate a love in our children for gardening (or anything really) starts with us. As parents we need to be setting an example to our children. The great thing about cultivating a love for gardening and growing your own foodContinue reading “Cultivating a love for Gardening: My Eco Sprout Growing Kits Review”

Festive Season Made Easy with GLAD

The Festive Season is a time for cooking, feasting and celebrating with friends and family. Let GLAD help make the holidays a little easier with their handy product range and creative tips for fun and festivities! Enjoy the Festive Holidays by making the most of your time with these timesaving tips and fun ideas! ForContinue reading “Festive Season Made Easy with GLAD”